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Website Launch: Maxis360 Information Technology Experts

Technetium is excited to announce the launch of Maxis360’s new responsive website built on the WordPress CMS platform and Foundation 5 framework. Technetium’s leadership and experience in digital design and HTML5/CSS3 enabled Maxis360 to confidently embark on their new corporate website. As a growing information technology (IT) leader, Maxis360 desired a new website that symbolized their technology expertise online while recapping their corporate history and ongoing strategic direction.


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Custom eCommerce Development in PHP and SQL Server

Sometimes off-the-shelf software is a simple choice and a smooth integration. For many ecommerce retailers determining which shopping cart platform to use is a big decision and a process of reviewing the pros and cons of each platform and weighing those to determine which path to take. For other companies, an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t provide the workflow integration that they require and custom development is necessary.


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Google eCommerce Tracking (not tracking) in AspDotNetStorefront

Last week an industry partner that specializes in PPC management with AspDotNetStorefront was having an issue with one of their new client’s websites. They brought us into the mix to review and diagnose the client’s site to resolve why Google’s ecommerce tracking code wasn’t registering all customer orders, rather just some orders intermittently.

After speaking with the storeowner, it was apparent he was equally as frustrated by the tracking code not working. After all they are trying to measure the success of a PPC campaign and not getting the right data. That’s frustrating for everyone.


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New Year’s Reflection: Bring on 2013

As 2012 draws to a close I look back on that past nine years and what they have meant to Technetium, our clients, and our families. Each year we take on new challenges, none as difficult as the recessionary years from 2009 to 2012. The economic impact hit everyone, everything seemed negative, doom and gloom, catastrophic, you name it we heard it. Marketing was the first thing cut by many, although it shouldn’t be, and so we saw first hand how the economy trickles down (or rapidly flows).

Enough is enough. Bring on 2013!!!

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