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Super Bowl or Social Bowl?

Ok, so just in case you have been living in a cave for the last week, the NFL season is over and the New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions.  In fact, a few of us here at Technetium are native New Yorkers, and are absolutely thrilled about this.  Being one of those fans I would love to fill this Blog with praise for the New York Giants, but I will spare our loyal readers…for now.


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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #2: Improve Search Engine Rankings

As the years go by our average attention span has lessened at an alarming rate. Our patience is lower than ever and the days when we would use a dictionary or phone book to look up a word or telephone number come from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #1: Utilize Social Media

December is always an exciting time filled with holidays, family, and fun. Yet somehow we forget how many up and coming young professionals enter into the business world at this time each year. Many of us overlook that December is also a time when hundreds of thousands of students graduate from college, and look to take their first step into a much bigger world.

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Ever Tried To Take Out Your Own Gall Bladder?

Recently, marketing guru Al Ries posted an article on AdAge.com asking “Do You Have Everything Except a Marketing Strategy?”  It’s a great read focused on the strategies (or lack thereof) of large cap companies and political candidates as they work to increase sales or votes but it doesn’t really address the strategic challenges entrepreneurs face every day.  Specifically, small businesses rarely have the stratified corporate structures of a Fortune 500 conglomerate or a presidential campaign, so his advice against top management developing the corporate strategy doesn’t mesh with the realities of smaller firms since “top management” and the “marketing team” can typically be one and the same. (more…)

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