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Google eCommerce Tracking (not tracking) in AspDotNetStorefront

Last week an industry partner that specializes in PPC management with AspDotNetStorefront was having an issue with one of their new client’s websites. They brought us into the mix to review and diagnose the client’s site to resolve why Google’s ecommerce tracking code wasn’t registering all customer orders, rather just some orders intermittently.

After speaking with the storeowner, it was apparent he was equally as frustrated by the tracking code not working. After all they are trying to measure the success of a PPC campaign and not getting the right data. That’s frustrating for everyone.


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CBA for Life! The Connecting Power of Brotherhood.

As I write this, I’m sitting on a plane flying up to Albany, NY, to pay my respects and celebrate the life of a fallen classmate and friend. Lt Colonel Todd Clark was killed in action while on his fifth tour of duty, his second in Afghanistan. This week we lost a true American hero, Purple Heart recipient (WIA during his first tour in Afghanistan), amazing son, husband, father, friend and CBA Brother. Todd was an amazing human being.


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Website Launch: Equity Investment Services

Over the past few months we designed, developed and launched a new site for Equity Investment Services (EIS). EIS is composed of a dynamic group of real estate gurus who manage properties throughout Florida. The project was extremely educational as to the ins and outs of retail property management.


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Are People Talking About You?

Engagement [en-geyj-muh nt]:  The concept that the more time customers spend interacting with your brand directly correlates to increased levels of brand loyalty leading to a greater numbers of profitable transactions.


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Orlando Agency Wins ADDY® Award for SOUL by Ludacris

Technetium, an Orlando-based brand marketing agency, was honored with an ADDY® Award at the recent AAF-Orlando ADDY® Awards Gala for its work on the SOUL by Ludacris product line.

ORLANDO, FLA. (February 21, 2012) — Technetium, an Orlando-based brand marketing agency, was recently recognized with a Silver ADDY® at the 2012 AAF-Orlando ADDY® Awards for their work on the SOUL by Ludacris package design.


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