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Super Bowl or Social Bowl?

Ok, so just in case you have been living in a cave for the last week, the NFL season is over and the New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions.  In fact, a few of us here at Technetium are native New Yorkers, and are absolutely thrilled about this.  Being one of those fans I would love to fill this Blog with praise for the New York Giants, but I will spare our loyal readers…for now.


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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #3: Get Smart With Smart Phones

Last week was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A few of us here at Technetium flew out to make sure that our clients were happy with the materials we provided them for the show, and to catch up with some old friends. It’s amazing how small such a large industry can seem, as we literally could not walk more than a few steps without seeing a familiar face. I guess it helps when you have over 15 years in the industry.

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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #1: Utilize Social Media

December is always an exciting time filled with holidays, family, and fun. Yet somehow we forget how many up and coming young professionals enter into the business world at this time each year. Many of us overlook that December is also a time when hundreds of thousands of students graduate from college, and look to take their first step into a much bigger world.

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No I’m Not Your Mommy, But I Can See The Confusion

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of hearing Gary Vaynerchuck speak at the B.I.G. Summit at Full Sale Live in Orlando, FL. For those of you who don’t know Gary is a “Social Media Guru”, an author, and co-founder of Wine Library. He spoke of the changing digital market and how marketing is not what it once was. To say the least he was very insightful and inspiring.


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What if more than 50% of your customers were unable to walk into your store?

The other day I decided to purchase directly from a major retailer’s website rather than drive to the store. I figured it would be easier to order it and have it shipped than go through the hassle of packing up the kids in the car, fighting traffic and hunting for parking at a big box store.   After all I knew what I wanted and didn’t need the aggravation.


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