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2013 International CES In One Word: Innovation

Largest show in history with 37 football fields of exhibit space

Las Vegas, NV – 01/11/2013 – The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® announced today that the 2013 International CES® is the largest in the show’s 45+ year history, with 1.92 million net square feet of exhibit space. The previous record was 1.86 million net square feet of space at the 2012 International CES. More than 3,250 exhibitors unveiled some 20,000 new products at the 2013 CES, drawing more than 150,000 attendees, including more than 35,000 from more than 170 countries outside the United States. Owned and produced by CEA, the 2013 International CES is the world’s largest annual innovation event and concluded today.


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Orlando Agency Wins ADDY® Award for SOUL by Ludacris

Technetium, an Orlando-based brand marketing agency, was honored with an ADDY® Award at the recent AAF-Orlando ADDY® Awards Gala for its work on the SOUL by Ludacris product line.

ORLANDO, FLA. (February 21, 2012) — Technetium, an Orlando-based brand marketing agency, was recently recognized with a Silver ADDY® at the 2012 AAF-Orlando ADDY® Awards for their work on the SOUL by Ludacris package design.


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Ever Tried To Take Out Your Own Gall Bladder?

Recently, marketing guru Al Ries posted an article on AdAge.com asking “Do You Have Everything Except a Marketing Strategy?”  It’s a great read focused on the strategies (or lack thereof) of large cap companies and political candidates as they work to increase sales or votes but it doesn’t really address the strategic challenges entrepreneurs face every day.  Specifically, small businesses rarely have the stratified corporate structures of a Fortune 500 conglomerate or a presidential campaign, so his advice against top management developing the corporate strategy doesn’t mesh with the realities of smaller firms since “top management” and the “marketing team” can typically be one and the same. (more…)

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Consumer Package Design, Our Expertise Shines in This Review

It’s one of our jobs to keep up with our client’s online mentions and reviews. Usually the articles are very specific to their products or services. Today I was reading some of the SOUL by Ludacris product reviews and found an amazing review on Headphones.com. Much to my surprise – but absolute enjoyment – the expert in house reviewer, Mr. David Soloman, mentions the actual package design and product presentation.


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