Provost Academy Data-Driven Direct Mail, Digital & Mobile Campaign


Provost Academy is a network of state-of-the-art online public high schools serving grades 9 to 12 that uniquely address student needs on an individual basis. They are the only online high school backed by Edison Learning, one of the most experienced teams of educational innovators in the industry.

Provost Academy’s prior direct marketing efforts were met with very little success and virtually no new enrollments came as a result of those efforts.


Utilizing a list of current high school students with very limited information, we customized the campaign using what we had. We addressed the concerns of students and their parents based on gender and infused gender-based personalization into the campaign.

We maximized potential response opportunities from a mail piece to initiate the conversation, utilizing personalized QR codes, personalized URLs, mobile personalized URLs, a sweepstakes element and a referral program. The campaign generated over 700% ROI for the client and was the most successful direct marketing campaign they had conducted.