Bahama Breeze Direct Mail, pURLs & POS Campaign


With its unique combination of Caribbean-inspired food, handcrafted tropical drinks, vibrant atmosphere and people happy to be of service, Bahama Breeze is the restaurant that brings you the feeling of a Caribbean Escape.

Bahama Breeze opened its doors in 1996 and now operates 24 restaurants nationally. Bahama Breeze is owned by Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI), the nation’s largest casual dining restaurant company.

For several years, Bahama Breeze mailed the same costly $10 off coupon to their Island Insiders with mediocre results. The coupon had to be produced, then mailed, and data could only be collected at point-of-sale from those who used the coupon. This meant they were losing out on valuable information and had no way of knowing whether the people they mailed to were interested in receiving their offer.


To effectively target only those who were interested in a Bahama Breeze dining experience, enhance their database, and reduce the cost of the coupon, we created a personalized URL where responders could print out their own personalized, trackable coupon.

A vacation package sweepstakes that could be entered from the same personalized URL, but only after the coupon was used, acted as a secondary traffic driver and collected additional information about the consumer.

The personalized URL was intended to be visited more than once and build buzz. Lending to the Bahama Breeze brand, recipients’ names were written in sand and users could choose a variety of themes to suit their preferences.

A referral program extended the reach of the campaign and generated an identical set of personalized URLs for the recipient’s friends.