Our Team

Chuck Barnett

President / CEO
“Big Cheese/ Chief Prognosticator”

As CEO, Chuck is the fearless leader behind all things BMDM. He started his career in direct marketing in 1885, when the great Chester Arthur was president and has been paving the way ever since. When he’s not at BMDM, Chuck can be found chasing alligators in Lake Jesup, eating Thai food, and traveling the world with his family.

Melanie Vasquez

Chief Operating Officer
“All That and A Bag of Chips”

Melanie does it all here at BMDM and with 25 years in the industry, it’s no surprise she knows all the ins and outs of the company. When she’s not running the show in the office, she’s running races and half marathons across the country with the support of her VERY large family (1 Steve, 3 daughters, 7 siblings, 17 nieces and nephews, and 16 great nieces and nephews!) and her adorable dog, Dolce.

Svitlana Byts

Back-End Developer
“Ukrainian Ambassador”

Originally from Zhytomyr, Ukraine (near Kyiv), Svitlana is BMDM’s Director of Digital Services. Her background as a double agent for the US in the KGB has not only given her fantastic computer skills, but also a knack for multi-tasking, mixed martial arts, and espionage. When she’s not busy leading a double life and hacking computers, Svitlana enjoys ballroom dancing, traveling, being outdoors, kayaking and wakeboarding with Lexie (one day).

Charlie Murphy

Business Development
“Fantasy Sports Guru”

With over 30 years of executive sales experience in the print and technology fields (to name a few), it is no wonder Charlie found a home at BMDM. This New Jersey native loves fine wine, cooking, taking his friends’ money in fantasy football and, if you’re lucky, you can find him at Vain on Fridays, dancing the night away.

Justin Krout

Lead Frontend Developer
“What Doesn't He Do Here?”

As a front-end developer at BMDM, Justin’s time is split between the graphic design world and the development world. This Full Sail graduate has experience in everything from motion graphics to driving semi-trucks for a living. After the workday is done, you can find him on the internet, PWNing N00Bs in PC (master race) games, watching movies, and drinking craft beer.

Todd Masoner

Data Analyst
“Biker Gang Representative”

Todd manages all of the data that drives BMDM’s marketing campaigns, and with 35 years in the industry, that data is in good hands. Todd is also in charge of the information infrastructure, he makes sure BMDM’s team is outfitted with the latest and greatest technologies and tools. In his free time, Todd and his wife of 15 years can be found exploring the great outdoors, riding motorcycles and rocking out at a fierce drum circle get-together.

Jeff Hoenig

Production Manager
“Unwanted in 38 States”

BMDM’s happy-go-lucky production manager, Jeff, is a man of few words, but many hugs. Besides tinkering with the HP Indigo 7600 and cutting thousands of sheets of stock everyday, Jeff loves long walks on the beach, blowing bubbles, hugging strangers and giggling. Jeff is also the Vice President of the local chapter of the Free Hug Society.

Dana Tingle

“DaNa na na na BATMAN!”

Dana is BMDM’s office manager and head of the HR department; she’s also pretty handy with a calculator so we put her in charge of the money too. The most important aspect of her job is turning a blind eye when Nerf battles ensue (and they do quite frequently). When she’s not crunching numbers at BMDM, Dana loves spending time with her 3 kids, live music, playing tennis and going to Orangetheory.