Mailable Magnets: One way that BMDM is bringing this unique direct mail option to market

How do you introduce someone to a product that you know they can use but don’t know is available?  One that’s so different, folks wouldn’t realize what it was even if they held it in their hands?  That’s the challenge we most recently faced with our magnetic substrate – upon which we are able to print personalized, variable messaging on both sides, which works perfectly as a mailable magnet.

How would you convey the attributes of the material to someone that doesn’t know it exists?  When asked how the team came up with the idea of using refrigerator poetry to get the point across, CEO and co-founder Chuck Barnett said, “We wanted to put something in peoples’ hands that screamed magnet. Printing is easy, but the challenge with this substrate is educating our clients to the endless possibilities. People didn’t even know they could print on both sides of a sheet of paper with a personalized message, let alone on a magnet. This is one way of getting our point across.”

But the generic kits didn’t have the personalization that BMDM incorporates in everything we do, so we went online to gather information on each of our prospects. This included publicly available information like the recipient’s alma mater, hobbies, and career positions which we incorporated into the poetry panel. The other side included a personalized illustration on how the end product could come together as well as suggested applications based on our recipient’s industry such as customized calendars, personal invitations, special offers or promotions.

And it’s to make certain the message was getting across, so we also sent out an explanatory email that included a nifty how-to .gif:


The bottom line?  The campaign was a resounding success. Not just through new business, but also by reaffirming BMDMs position as a pioneer in personalized printing on specialized substrates with clients, prospects and partners.

If you’d like a sample of this magnetic mail piece, just fill out the form below and make sure to include your request in the comments.