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Landing Pages That Result in More Leads

Landing pages are the “action” pages of your website. Visitors arrive on them after clicking a link, finding you on the search engine results page, scanning a QR code, typing in their personalized URL, etc.  A single purpose of the landing page is to convert your visitors into leads by making them take a specific action.

Don’t Let Your Marketing Message Get Passed By

An article published by The Washington Post provides a lesson on perception and response.  The story goes like so:

In one of the busiest Washington, D.C. metro stations, a young man in jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt prepared his violin for a musical session that seemed to be coming from a poor musician down on his luck.  He set up his violin, threw some seed money into his case and began to play.

The Art & Science of A/B Testing

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is the easiest test that you can perform and use in almost any situation.  Simply stated, A/B testing is the process of offering two (or more) choices to an audience and measuring the response of one choice against the other(s).  If a test is constructed properly and on an audience large enough to generate a statistically significant variation (as a rule of thumb 30 to 50 responses minimum for each group), it can be used to measure preference differences motivated by biases that are based on psychology, culture, gender, age, region, … etc.  This very simple testing method can yield very significant results.