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Landing Pages That Result in More Leads

Landing pages are the “action” pages of your website. Visitors arrive on them after clicking a link, finding you on the search engine results page, scanning a QR code, typing in their personalized URL, etc.  A single purpose of the landing page is to convert your visitors into leads by making them take a specific action.

Get Personal with QR Codes and pURLs

We have a variety of services and skills here at BMDM.  Among those skills is creating personalized URLs (pURLs) and personalized QR codes.  These two things are a great way to get campaigns out of the mailbox and into digital mediums.

QR codes are quite versatile. They come in different colors, sizes, can include pictures, and link to just about anything you want. They’re especially useful for direct marketing campaigns that include pURLs. QR codes can link a personalized mail piece to a personalized URL, immediately merging print and digital channels.