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Top 5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

In 2015, making sure your website is responsive is just the responsible thing to do for your business. Here are our top five reasons why you need to make sure your company’s web presence promotes an uncomplicated, smooth user experience:

BMDM Launches Specialty Services Division

Direct marketing agency BMDM announced today the launch of a new division focused on providing specialty print products.  BMDM Specialty Services, led by Sales Executive Charlie Murphy, solidifies the company’s commitment to providing clients with a full-service direct marketing experience, from creative design to advanced specialty print.


Landing Pages That Result in More Leads

Landing pages are the “action” pages of your website. Visitors arrive on them after clicking a link, finding you on the search engine results page, scanning a QR code, typing in their personalized URL, etc.  A single purpose of the landing page is to convert your visitors into leads by making them take a specific action.

Make It Pop

Client: “What we really want is to ‘make it pop!”

Account Manager: “Of course, the information is very important. Did you have anything in mind?”

Client: “A STARBURST! They really make things pop.”

Account Manager: “You bet they do.”