Website Launch: Maxis360 Information Technology Experts

Technetium is excited to announce the launch of Maxis360’s new responsive website built on the WordPress CMS platform and Foundation 5 framework. Technetium’s leadership and experience in digital design and HTML5/CSS3 enabled Maxis360 to confidently embark on their new corporate website. As a growing information technology (IT) leader, Maxis360 desired a new website that symbolized their technology expertise online while recapping their corporate history and ongoing strategic direction.

Originally founded by Chris Ghosio in 2003, Max IS Inc. (“Maxis Networks”) was built into a leading information technology services company for the Central Florida area. During this time, Tony Wells had grown Secure Datacom, quickly becoming for Maxis Networks’ “go to partner” in communications and security. Throughout this time, Jeff Foster and Rob Maynard were rapidly growing IS360 in North Florida. In 2012, Maxis Networks, Secure Datacom and IS360 merged forming Maxis360 and solidifying four main core lines of business Security, Communications, Network Infrastructure and IT managed Services. The company continues to grow and evolve.

Because of this evolution, it became apparent that the company needed a solid online presence to highlight the new brand and communicate their strengths to current and potential customers. Technetium aided in this process by helping to deliver a fully responsive (by use of media queries) website with clean design and branding.

The new site showcases Maxis360’s professional expertise and technology leadership. It does this all in a package that enhances the overall user experience in a fashion that will grow as Maxis360 does.

Check out their site at

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