Social Sharing, Virality and Exponential Growth

Each year the team here at Technetium looks forward to strategizing, creating and implementing the DWC Model Search,a national model competition for DanceWear Corner, a dancewear retail store located in Orlando.

The primary purpose of this contest is to find qualified models for DWC’s promotional materials, while increasing brand awareness, growing DanceWear Corner’s social reach and engagement, and building brand loyalty.

This year we ran the contest though an App that we integrated into DanceWear Corner’s Facebook page. All entries, votes and shares were done through this App which required applicants and voters to “Like” DWC’s Facebook page in order to participate. In addition to using Facebook to host the model search, we utilized the pinned post feature to keep news about the contest visible at the top of DWC’s timeline and prompted applicants and voters to Share the contest on their own timelines—making the model search go truly viral.

During the initial week of voting, DanceWear Corner experienced a 100% increase in page likes. This figure rose at each stage of the contest, to nearly a 335% increase total increase in page likes and fan following. The virality of the program was amazing.

With hundreds of applicants, live call backs and several rounds of voting, this elaborate contest did not solely rely on Facebook, but rather on cross-promotional marketing efforts over various platforms. For example, Instagram was used to generate additional buzz about the model search by encouraging applicants to upload their photos using #DWCModelSearch.

dancewear-corner-models-2014Email blasts were sent out, linking recipients to the model search app and taking them to a separate model search website that we had created. On this website, we had designed profiles for each of the previous year’s models to engage users and get them excited about this year’s contest. On this site we included clear specifics on how to enter, provided milestone dates and prize details.

All of these cross-promotional efforts, working in conjunction with each other, were fundamental to the success of this contest. Every component that we used to generate awareness and excitement were tools in amplifying the model search message.

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