It’s PRE-targeting, not RE-targeting!

Address-Linked display and pre-roll ads bring offline data online, for the first time.

Like Monty Python or Indiana Jones before us, for the past five years we’ve been looking for a way to take the tremendous stores of profiled and modeled data that had been cultivated and curated into amazing databases, and repurpose them for online use. The Holy Grail of direct marketing, if you will.


Sure, you could infer what type of sites someone would visit by their offline behavior, or where they lived, or even match household addresses to emails and hope they opened an attachment so a cookie or tracking pixel could be activated. But none of these could guarantee that our display ads would hit any more than a small percentage of our targeted households.

Now, things have changed.

Via a patent-pending process, we can match any list of addresses; a mailing list, product owners, a voter file, to a database of wifi IP addresses and be guaranteed that the households you want to target – and ONLY those households – will see your ads.

There’s no “overspray” from hitting households that aren’t part of your target market and more importantly there’s no potential for bots to artificially inflate your impressions or click rates (which the Wall Street Journal has reported can make up over 30% of web traffic).

In the past you couldn’t use display or pre-roll advertising to reach only customers eligible for an upgrade? Donors to your organization? Or households pre-approved for a home or car loan? Now you can.

Conversely, if you wanted to have a special offer to lure new customers, now you can be assured that current customers will be suppressed. Even if they live next door.

Here are some interesting specifics:

We match physical addresses with Wi-Fi addresses

  • – Target specific locations (residences and businesses) with Address-Linked Web Ads
  • – Identify IP addresses using your mailing address database using new technology
  • – Establish successful link between physical address and IP address 45% of the time

We reach list segments with your tailored messages

  • – Avoid being cornered into creating generic ad content that’s less impactful
  • – Develop unique messaging for each part of your segmented list
  • – Create different display and pre-roll ads for different audiences, for example, one set of ads for current customers, another for prospects

We connect with every device at each location on your list

  • – Cookie and pixel based ads link to a single device – this reaches every device on the wi-fi connection
  • – Sidestep spam-bots completely: this technology only reaches real people

We offer efficiency and functionality

  • – Go from art to online in as little as one business day
  • – Attribute sales and results directly to your display and pre-roll ads through tracking
  • – Benefit from full reporting after the campaign (click-through rate by ad, which sites showed the ads, how your offers performed)

No other online approach makes such fine-tuned advertising possible, and that’s why Address-Based Web Ads are the holy grail of display and pre-roll advertising.

Want to learn more?

Download a one-sheeter here, visit our product website at, or just give me a call at 407-650-0264.