Kick Bots in the Butt and Boost REAL Web Ad Views to 100%

Bots. Gotta hate ‘em. You get buy-in on a campaign, design the creative, launch your web ads, and then…they’re being viewed by bots 40% of the time. But why is this happening?

Boost Real Web Ad Views

  1. 1. Traditional, programmatic buying targets sites based on demographics. But those buys don’t ensure that real human eyes are looking at those sites.
  2. 2. Traditional buys offer no insurance against consumers clearing their cache to avoid cookies-based ads.
  3. 3. As published in the Wall Street Journal, web ad success is hijacked 40% of the time by bots that rove sites. There’s no way to avoid those bots through traditional buys.

But there is another way: BMDM’s Address-Linked Web Ads. Unlike other delivery methodologies for web ads, we use an actual offline data list to match a person’s home address to their home’s IP address. The ads reach every device in the home, can’t be sidestepped by cookies, and are guaranteed to be seen by actual humans.

Here’s an example of how our web ads transformed a client’s reach:

Challenge: The University of Central Florida’s Athletic Department has been trying for the last few years to increase its total number of donors to Athletics. UCF approached BMDM and challenged us to come up with a campaign that would result in an increase of donors to the department.

Solution: We created a blended campaign and introduced multiple platforms to touch potential donors for this annual drive.

A key ingredient was Address-Linked Web Ads (ALWA). We knew that by matching back approximately 50% of the intended targets to their home address and the IP address for their household our message was being seen. That in turn would increase the level of success in adding new donors.

Results: A good return for display ads ranges from .08-.1% click through rate (CTR). We achieved a remarkable .28% CTR (almost 3 times the normal results). UCF is now looking to expand their use of BMDM’s ALWA product for other programs at the University.

Have you been frustrated with the results of traditional web ad campaigns? Give us an example in the comments section below.