What are Address-Linked Web Ads?

Address-Based Display Advertising target specific households by matching terrestrial addresses from a targeted list campaign with IP addresses. Not only does this hit your target audience every time, it builds upon and extends the life of your direct mail campaign.

With Addressable Banner Ads, your ads will never be wasted on a “bot” again.

How it Works

How it works 1
How it works 1 image
Select the list segment(s) for your targeted display and pre-roll
  • Address-Linked Web Ads target specific households in your database by linking the mailing addresses with their WiFi IP address
  • On average, our IP address file will match 45% of the mailing addresses on your list
  • Since ads only reach selected households, messaging and offer can vary based on list segment
  • Reach only targeted households 100% of the time – with no waste and no “bot” traffic
How it works 1
How it works 1 image
Deploy web ads tailored for your selected households
  • Use one set of ads for customers, another for prospects; Cross-sell vs. New customer discounts
  • Use video pre-roll to reach the elusive Millenials – or any other member of the household that watches popular video channels
  • Individually targeted ads mean a greater impact
  • Go from art to online in as little as one business day
How it works 1
How it works 1 image
Banners will be displayed on all devices in the household
  • The ONLY way to reach ONLY the households you want, with ZERO waste
  • Display ads are served to targeted residents – wherever and whenever they go online in their home
How it works 1
How it works 1 image
Perform matchback of sales to original household list
  • Attribute sales and results directly to the display ads
  • Receive full reporting after the campaign – see what sites performed, a list of engaged households and a comprehensive activity report

Case Studies

Address-Linked display and pre-roll video advertising work in any vertical market.
Click on any icon below to get some ideas, and then give us a call to get even more great examples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? That’s no surprise since this most folks didn’t know this service is available.
If you still have questions or are ready to get started – let us know!