bmdm data-driven digital marketing agency

Why is BMDM different?

Because we do it all. In-house. Does your provider?

You have all of these individuals, the right creative will let you speak to them – individually
Data Analysis/Segmentation
Got a list? Great! Let’s pick the best folks to target
Dynamic Print Portals
The culmination of all that we do – data, development, personalized print, mail – to guarantee your brand standards are met and your people are served
IP Matching
Our Address Linked Web Ads take direct mail online – reaching only the homes you want to reach – without bots, cookies or waste
List rentals
You can’t reach individuals if you don’t know who they are

Mailing services
A postal or production issue can kill a project – why trust just anyone with that responsibility?
Personalized Print on Specialty Substrates
Many companies don’t want to “bother” with white ink or amazing substrates that break through the clutter – we say “bring it on!”
After all is said and done, we let you know what exactly was said and done – and you’ll see that campaigns with BMDM deliver astounding ROI
Variable Data Direct Mail
Each mail piece that comes off our Indigo 7600 can be tailored to the target – text, colors, images, offers - why would you want anything else?
Web development
WordPress? Drupal? PHP? All of the above – and more!

Stand Out From The Competition!

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for anyone to start their own business, and that means a lot more voices vying for your audience’s attention, both online and offline. Print is still the most effective way to get your target market’s attention, and adding an extra layer of interest further boosts the likelihood that someone will notice and read what you have to say.

Specialty substrates add a tactile dimension to your brand and your message that clues your target market in to who you are and what you’re trying to tell them before they read a single word. If you’re looking for a new way to make your print marketing material pop, contact us about specialty print materials.

BMDM Specialty Substrates

Introducing Address-Linked Web Ads.

Online Display and Pre-Roll advertising delivered in a whole new way

Use as a standalone tool or in conjunction with direct mail, Address-Linked Web Ads for display and pre-roll maximize impact. Address-Linked Web Ads allow targeting 100% of available internet traffic without compromising privacy or using cookies. Hit ONLY the homes you want, when you want.

BMDM Address-Linked Web Ads
dynamic print portals

Dynamic Print Portals

BMDM has been creating Dynamic Print Portals for 12 years (back then they were W2P or web-to-print sites), so we know what we’re talking about. And ours are dynamic – enabling the user to customize on the fly.

variable digital direct mail

Variable Digital Direct Mail

Whether it’s a postcard, a letter or on a specialty substrate, we make it personal. Personalization boosts response – so what are you waiting for?


Specialty Substrates

For the most part, if we can get it through our press and the ink sticks, we’ll run it. Unlike 99% of the other companies with digital presses, we’re an agency first so we’re all about what’s new and different.