Web Development Services

Developing world class web applications requires technological expertise, a proven process, and a collaborative approach. BMDM’s philosophy and dedication to the web development life cycle is reflected in our four step development process that allows the continuous flow of discovery, design, development, and delivery.

Whether asked to architect a custom solution or deploy a Magento storefront; BMDM continually focuses on usability and time-to-market. Our application developers and QA team build products that help our customers gain a sustainable competitive advantage. In creating your web application, BMDM offers a full range of Web Development Services necessary to effectively reach your market.

Planning & Strategy

Platform Migration Strategy, Design & Delivery
DevOps Mindset (Development, QA Testing, Delivery)
Wireframes & Use Case Scenarios
Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Object Oriented Design (OOD)
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Website Development

Web Design & Programming
Responsive Web Design
Custom PHP Development Projects
Magento Community Development
WordPress Development
Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our Development Process

Our simple four step development process allows for the continuous flow of discovery, design, development, and delivery to optimize your conversion engine and maximize sales.

  1. DISCOVERY – We initiate a comprehensive review and analysis of your business to craft a detailed plan on how to approach your goals. Our customer-centric approach requires that we understand both your business model and long term goals. It is essential to creating the appropriate solution for your business.

  2. DESIGN – In a rapidly-evolving digital world, our team of visual storytellers analyzes the data to develop an engaging user experience that entices users and stays ahead of the curve. Our team of UX/UI designers focuses on best-practices to maximize conversions and grow sales.

  3. DEVELOPMENT – Upon completion of the initial analysis and approval of the front-end design concept, our team of developers will build your website solution. Throughout the development process, your site will undergo rigorous testing by both our team, and yours, to ensure that it is functioning within the approved scope.

  4. DELIVERY – It’s launch and “go live” time! Upon approval, our team will deploy your site to the live server. After the site is live, it’s time to talk about driving more customers. Through an optional monthly managed services package, we can continue our partnership to help ensure you achieve your goals.