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BMDM is a data-driven digital marketing agency focused on providing results for our clients by crafting data-driven digital marketing solutions. We are a team of website developers, UX/UI designers and digital marketing gurus working as one. As a data-driven agency, our team of visual storytellers analyzes the data to develop a user experience that engages customers and captures sales.

Data-driven digital marketing is all about the best possible ROI. Together we’ll help you capture and convert customers to drive revenue by creating multi-channel strategies that utilize highly personalized direct mail, email marketing, referral marketing, personalized URLs (pURLs), QR codes, mobile landing pages, social media and personalized video to provoke amazing levels of response.

We are BMDM. We are Digital Marketing.

We are experts at provoking results.

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We live in a world where information is shared, consumed, created and experience online. With a focus on emerging technologies, our team will help guide you, to ensure you adopt platforms relevant to your business. Our goal is to identify the proper outlets to engage your users.

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There are many opportunities to connect with and engage your customers. Our team will work with you to reach them, utilizing the latest marketing technologies. Implementing a dynamic program to capture customers through online search, email marketing and social media.

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It's always imaginative and inspired. We personalize and characterize. We validate and advocate. We're not restricted to channels, and we never limit ourselves by what's been done before. Bottom line, it all comes down to results. We're the people that deliver them.

Introducing Address-Linked Web Ads.

Online Display and Pre-Roll advertising delivered in a whole new way

Use as a standalone tool or in conjunction with direct mail, Address-Linked Web Ads for display and pre-roll maximize impact. Address-Linked Web Ads allow targeting 100% of available internet traffic without compromising privacy or using cookies. Hit ONLY the homes you want, when you want.

BMDM Address-Linked Web Ads

Two Teams Collide

BMDM and Technetium both began in 2003, with very different focuses and skill sets. Over time, these two teams grew closer together in the data-driven digital marketing arena. In early 2015, after several conversations between agency owners Chuck Barnett and Joe Forgét, the decision to join forces and bring the Technetium development team into BMDM's existing operation was confirmed, therefore creating a significantly more robust service offering and Orlando's largest Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency. This unification of complementary teams is a true fusion of Art and Science.